You are a space pirate who wants to stick it to the big shipping corporations. You want to fly a ship solo, but a space ship is too complicated for one person to run completely alone. Thankfully, your ship comes with an on-board AI named Erika, ready to help you carve out a living. Take care of her and she'll take care of you.

My first game. Read a retrospective.


Default Keyboard Controls (change bindings in Settings). Keyboard is recommended for easy weapon switching.

  • WASD: Movement
  • Space: Shoot/Next Dialogue
  • Q: Switch to next weapon
  • E: Switch to previous weapon
  • Shift: Slow down for fine dodging/Skip Dialogue
  • Esc: Pause
  • Numeric keys: Switch to specific weapon

For people accustomed to WASD + Mouse settings:

  • Left Mouse: Shoot/Next
  • Right Mouse: Slow/Skip
  • Mouse Wheel: Scroll through weapons

Additionally, pure mouse control options is available as a toggle in the settings, where mouse movement is tied to ship movement.

Xbox controller:

  • D-pad/Left Analog: Movement
  • A: Shoot/Next Dialogue
  • B: Slow/Skip Dialogue
  • X: Pause
  • R1: Switch to next weapon
  • R2: Shoot
  • L1: Switch to previous weapon
  • L2: Slow
  • Right Analog: scroll long text blocks

Soundtrack made from music by Kevin MacLeod and Vav.


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Development log


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really enjoyed this game. movement was nice and tight, and the different weapons felt like they had their own niche and impact. though there might be an issue of there being more features than game to play, haha

the world was really exciting too and I thought the writing was pretty good. I wish the protagonist had more of a defined character, because I think the whole space cowboy thing has conflict with how much he talks. the logs struck a nice balance though and really impressed me.

still I really wanna say that the game is awesome and I hope to play episode one 'cause I wanna see more of the world and setting.

Can't believe there is no option to DM on this Columbian coca farming forum ;)

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